The mobile MMORPG “Moonlight Sculptor” will be released worldwide on May 25 on Android and iOS

The mobile MMORPG "Moonlight Sculptor" will be released worldwide on May 25 on Android and iOS

Pre-registration of the MMORPG Moonlight Sculptor from the makers of ArcheAge, Kakao Games and XL Games comes to an end on May 24. The game will be played the next day on 25 May Google play store And in app Store be available.

From next week Moonlight Sculptor will be playable not only in South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau but also in other 157 countries. The tour for the players in Germany will begin on May 25 at 02:00 am.

The moonlight sculptor is set in the virtual game “Royal Road”. There, players can choose one of six classes – each with customizable position values ​​and skills. Players can initially choose between Alchemist, Archer, Dana, Rajput and Warrior. If no class is selected, the player will later have the opportunity to unlock the sculptor’s hidden square.

Before joining the game for the first time, players can choose one of three servers: America, Europe and Asia. The game will initially be available in English, Simplified Chinese, Korean and Japanese worldwide. For international launches, XL Games has based itself on players’ feedback to offer an even better version of the game to a growing audience.

These changes include:

  • Duel arena – Here in PvP, two players are face to face. The arena opens for two-two hours four times a day.
  • Battlefield of valor – PvP forces face each other in open ground; Only 100 best players who can prove themselves in the field of duel can participate. The preliminary round is followed by the final, in which the top three players can receive valuable prizes.
  • Mirkhan tower – The dungeon already introduced in South Korea will also be part of the launch. As players complete the dungeons in the Eternal Tower of Mirkhan, new levels are constantly created for players to explore.
  • Offline Mode “Sleep Mode” – Sleep mode uses results offline that will also be used in auto-combat. Sleep mode with its 70% is significantly more efficient than auto-combat.
  • Field scramble – Guilds can select one of the available areas in the game during high score hunting to earn points during melee. The first three guilds receive some rewards and buffs based on their placements.
  • Raid Each will be available for 24 hours with a duration of 2-3 hours.
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Players can still register until May 24 in the Google Play Store or App Store and get instant access to exclusive consumables and games. So far, more than 500,000 registrations have been received, unlocking all reward levels. Interested parties can sign up for the newsletter Registration website Register to keep up to date with all the latest news and offers about Moonlight Sculptor and get the special in-game tool “Breezy Travel Wear”.

  • 100,000 registrations: 100,000 gold and ten teleportation scrolls
  • 200,000 registrations: three blessed armor enchanted scrolls and three blessed armor enchanted scrolls
  • 300,000 registrations: three friend eggs and premium friend food (enough for 3 days)
  • 400,000 registrations: a huge 500,000 gold a
  • 500,000 Registration: 200 Red Butterflies

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