Tim Shaker and Claudia Tihan: Love Journey in Canada

Tim Schäcker Claudia Tihan in Kanada

Tim finds time for Claudia

Tim Shacker is currently traveling the world with the Lift Boys. In between, he advances a short visit to Claudia Tihan. This is what the two lovebirds posted.

Claudia’s tour in Canada after NYFW

Tim Shaker is currently traveling half the world with his elevator boys. First he was in Venice to moderate the “Amfar Gala”, then the troupe went to “New York Fashion Week”, where he met Heidi Klum. Tim then went to Montreal, where he met Claudia Tihan. After Claudia moved to Berlin and vacationed in the Maldives with the two, they are now also posting sweet content from their home country.

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Sweet Shots on Insta by Tim & Claudia

Both posted more pictures of themselves on Instagram. Both had their outfit checked. They also shared the moment: Claudia sits in the car smiling while Tim photographs her from outside. A happy selfie was also taken by the lovebirds. cute!

This sweet ingredient was provided by Tim Shacker and Claudia Tihan of Canada. Credit: Claudiatihan, timeschecker / Instagram Canva.com. Through [M]

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Unfortunately for lift boy Tim this goes straight. He flies from Montreal to Munich for Oktoberfest, then he visits his family in Frankfurt.

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Tiktok shows Claudia’s hand

Both of them also had fresh content on Tiktok. Claudia’s hand can be seen in Tim Shaker’s Tiktok. Fans recognized the tattoo. “Ride or Die,” writes Tim in the caption. Claudia commented heartily on the video.

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Fans are liking the content of lovebirds on Tiktok. One user wrote in the comment, ‘You two are just sweet, no one can tell me anything. However, fans have been asking if Claudia is now officially his girlfriend as the two are yet to come out as a couple.

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