Neuroprosthesis stimulates new connections in the brain Health City Berlin

Neuroprosthesis stimulates new connections in the brain  Health City Berlin

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Shaking the paralyzed hand with your thoughts – the intelligent neuroprosthesis can do this. In stroke patients, orthoses help create new connections between the brain and paralyzed muscles, as researchers in Tübingen report.

The research being done at the Institute for Neuromodulation and Neurotechnology at the University Hospital in Tübingen sounds like science fiction: about dynamics one by one the strokes To improve the paralyzed arm, brain impulses generated by an effort or imagined motion are transmitted over a very short period of time to technical aids such as robotic orthoses, which allow the paralyzed arm to open.

neuroplastic reorganization of the brain

In this way, Prof. Alireza Gharbagiz explains, the test subjects felt their fingers actually move despite their paralysis, so they just didn’t see. AND: “These haptic impressions create a feedback loop between the brain and paralyzed muscles,” the researcher reports.

Tübingen researchers were recently able to prove that after a severe stroke, even very wide areas in both hemispheres of the brain are associated with a paralyzed arm. And that the larger these areas of the brain, the more severely disabled the patient is. Apparently, after a stroke, the brain tries to find all suitable on its own. nerve resource To activate to overcome paralysis, scientists suspect.

Neuroprosthesis activates new connections in the brain

In a recent study, Gharbaghi’s team was able to demonstrate something else: the previously observed neuroplastic reorganization can be supported by training with an intelligent neuroprosthesis. The researchers were also able to show where this occurs and how new connections between the brain and paralyzed muscles are strengthened, that is, new connections are activated.

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“The brain neurons in these additional brain regions are synchronized with spinal cord neurons that are responsible for arm opening. The stronger this synchronization in the frequency band around 20 Hz, the better the clinical successes of the latter. can be observed,” study authors now report in the Journal of Neuroscience.

According to the Institute for Neuromodulation and Neurotechnology, it was founded in 2020 to “bring together experts in medicine, neuroscience, medical technology and computer science” so that they can jointly develop treatments that are truly effective. in helping the affected people. “We are still at the beginning, but now we understand better where we need to look,” says Gharbaghi, the institute’s director.

Stroke patients with hand paralysis wanted

Paralyzed hand is common with stroke. For example, if the left arm is paralyzed, the right hemisphere of the brain was damaged by the stroke. Because: impulses for movement of the left half of the body are normally controlled by a contiguous region in the right half of the brain and vice versa.

The Institute is still looking for subjects for a follow-up study: Patients with permanent arm paralysis after stroke can register for a follow-up study by sending an e-mail to [email protected] or calling 07071 29 85138 Huh.

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