Tote Hossein’s 40 Year Old Campino’s Lovely Look | – Culture

Tote Hossein's 40 Year Old Campino's Lovely Look | - Culture

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Toten Hausen began their anniversary tour in Flensburg with “Ice-Cooled Bömmerlnder”. Singer Campino looks back and explains what Punk and his band mean to him 40 years later.

Toten Hausen has been on the road for 40 years. For the anniversary, fans can look forward not only to the recently released compilation “Alles aus Liebe”, but also to celebrate birthdays with the Düsseldorf punk band at various concerts. The tour began in Flensburg on Tuesday.

Audio: Die Toten Hausen: Düsseldorf’s Punk Friends (15 min)

The Journey Begins in Flensburg: Classics and Entertaining Mistakes

The Flensburg audience experienced a special concert – because, according to Campino, it was “the last tester before it actually started.” The fascinating thing about it: “You try too hard. Sometimes mistakes happen, but it also entertains people.”

There was also a real classic on the set list that the band doesn’t play every night: “EisCooler Bommerlunder” from the band’s early days. “We had really great guests here in Flensburg,” says Campino, the founder of Club Planschie in Husby. “We played there in 1983. And we thought: We’ll do an encore with these early songs from then on.”

The evening was great fun for the audience in Flensburg – for the band as well. “The people rhyme well,” enthuses Campino. “You can see they haven’t forgotten the lyrics. We’re really looking forward to the concerts in the summer.”

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“Everything With Love”: Klaus Maria Brandauer Says Hello

According to Campino, the title of the anniversary compilation “Everything Out of Love” goes back to actor Klaus Maria Brandauer: “Once he came to a concert in Austria. After the show I didn’t know I should go to him. Or not, I was worried, if it was the right event for him. But then he said to me: ‘You know what? Be as tough as you can – I saw nothing but pure love today’. In the end so these It worked fine for 40 years.”

further information

Campino © Picture Coalition / dpa / dpa-zentralbuild |  Britta Pedersen Photo: Britta Pedersen

The film “Away Game” documents Toten Hsen’s famous GDR secret concert. Conversations with Campino about music and timing. More

Campino: “I was a dull boy with a hole in my pants”

When Campino came to hooliganism during his school days, he said that he did not want to rebel against his parents with his music – nonetheless, discovering the movement spread from England was a personal emancipation for him: ” I was a relatively sloppy guy, not particularly specific”, was actually second in line. Then I also had to wear my older sister’s clothes, often with a hole in my pants. Punk suddenly made it avant-garde by wearing old clothes with holes. It was as if the movement was made especially for me. It changed my life!”, says the singer on NDR television.

Die Toten Hausen: 40 years in almost a single formation

Barring the drummer, Die Toten Hösen still plays in their founding formation – a fact that the band appreciates more and more as they get older. “Our biggest achievement is that we have been able to maintain our friendship during this time,” Campino says. “Everyone thinks they are there for each other – even if we have arguments – like any other family. But the tablecloths never cut. We used to cut down on this happiness because it was so close to us Could have been. But today we can allow it.”

on 15th June, Toten Hausen in Rostock But, almost a month later, on 14 July, the band makes a guest appearance. in hamburg,

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Singer Campino sings into a microphone

4 minutes

This unique event in “Away Game” is now being widely reported in a documentary for the first time. 4 minutes

Marteria and Campino |  © Picture Alliance / dpa / dpa-zentralbuild |  britta pederson

The Rostock rapper and Düsseldorf band have released the songs “She’s Wessis” and “She’s Osis” together. More

book cover "Hope Street - How I Became the One Time English Champion" by Campino |  © Piper Verlag

In the book “Hope Street” Campino mainly talks about his passion for football. More

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