US President Joe Biden Follows Trump Quota on Refugees

US President Joe Biden Follows Trump Quota on Refugees

Indeed, US President Joe Biden wanted to break with his predecessor Donald Trump’s migration policy. But now he lives – at least for the time being – with his upper limit for migrants.

Despite his promise to take more refugees this year, the US president has Joe Biden To its predecessor Donald Trump Upper limit of 15,000 people. Biden ordered Friday that the original’s criteria be changed so that the upper limit could be ended by at least the end of September.

Biden’s government had informed Congress in mid-February that the limit should be raised to 62,500 for the current year. For the new fiscal year starting in October, Biden promises to raise the ceiling to 125,000.

Ocasio-Cortez: “It’s Just Wrong”

Unusually harsh criticism against Biden came from the left wing of his party. The Democratic lawmaker wrote, “Maintaining the Trump administration’s xenophobic and racist policies, including a historically low and sharply-slashed roof,” is incorrect. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

MP Pramila Jaipal called Biden’s decision “unacceptable and disrespectful”. Four years after the “utterly harsh attacks on immigrants” under Trump, Biden promised to make the United States a “ray of hope” again. Now he should keep his promise, he demanded. Human rights organization Amnesty International also criticized Biden.

Trump had lowered the upper limit several times

Republican Trump reduced the ceiling several times, most recently to 15,000. This was the lowest number since the refugee program began in 1980. Prior to Trump’s post in 2016, the limit was 85,000 refugees. Refugees are usually checked into their countries or areas of origin and, if successful, are brought to the USA by plane.

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Biden’s government is currently grappling with a different challenge when it comes to migration: the number of migrants and refugees coming to the United States from Mexico through the southern border has increased dramatically recently. These include thousands of minors.

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