“Wonder Woman 1984” is also being released overseas on Blu-ray 3D


“Wonder Woman 1984” is also being released overseas on Blu-ray 3D

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Due to closed theaters, DC comic conversion “Wonder Woman 1984“(USA, Great Britain, Spain 2020) from 18 February in this country with Gal Gadot, exclusively on the Petivi Channel Sky cinema To see. When we can expect the physical home theater implementation is still unknown. Unlike the United States and other countries, where the successor of “Amazing woman“(USA, Great Britain 2007) can already pre-order in various versions on Blu-ray and Ultra HD Blu-ray (We reported) is. In our reports, however, there was nothing about a publication yet Blu ray 3d for reading. In the meantime, however, a Blu-ray has been listed at US retailers in terms of keeping it on March 30, 2021 for a few days. And this French steelbook edition In addition to Ultra HD Blu-ray and Blu-ray, it also includes a 3D version. As soon as we have information about the German release, we will inform you immediately.


Content: For many decades the Amazon princess Diana (G. Gadot) has received almost no attention among the people and makes as little effort as possible to interfere with the fate of mankind, even though in 1984 it seems as if the Cold War was soon Will only enter its final hot phase. . During her work at the Museum of Natural History in Washington, however, one day she met archaeologist Barbara Minerva (K. Wiig), who had recently fallen into her hands with a strange stone. He seems to be able to fulfill the secret desires of those in the immediate vicinity – including Diana and Barbara. While one dreams of getting back with his great love Steve Trevor (c. Pine), the other wishes to be beautiful and strong like Diana. A stone possessed by a demonic deity fulfills wishes, but with a nasty hook: only Steve’s ghost returns and Barbara turns into a life-threatening demon cheetah. As if they were not enough, multimillionaire Maxwell Lord (P. Pascal) learns about the power of stone and joins it to gain power around the world. A race against time begins for Wonder Woman and Steve to stop God, whose power grows stronger with every wish being fulfilled… (sw)

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International publication of “Wonder Woman 1984” at a glance:

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रेटिंग 8 rating with 4.00 points

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