Basket on the altar: “5 Sense for Love” – ​​Basti already knew it

Basket on the altar: "5 Sense for Love" - ​​Basti already knew it

For Sebastian Kolbo There was no happy ending 5 senses for love! While he was blown away by his fiance from the first phase Alisa Weber Was, he was very skeptical till the end. Still, he didn’t make his final decision until the last second, it seemed. In front of the altar he gave a basket to the township. He took her very calmly – for example because of her Alisa Already warned?

in common instagram– Livestream Declared Candidates René (30) The bride, who did not dare to say that she was sorry for the settlement. She then stresses that she has always been honest with her fiancé and the rebuke never caught her unprepared. “I told him beforehand that I would say ‘no’. He already knew.”Alisa revealed.

However, by the end of the day, the audience did not know whether Alisa And will marry the colony. a PromiflashBut the survey proves that they too were expecting a basket. 93.2 percent and thus a clear majority of 2,729 participants (as of May 20, 2021, 3:15 PM) stated that this end was in sight for them. Only 6.8% still had hope…

“5 Senses for Love” every Wednesday at 8:15 pm on Saturdays or Joyn.

“5 Sense for Love” – ​​Candidate Alyssa Weber
Alyssa and Sebastian in episode 6 of “5 Sense for Love”
Sebastian and Alisa from “5 Sense for Love”
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