Checking Accounts: Now How Much You Can Save By Switching Banks Pennies

Checking Accounts: Now How Much You Can Save By Switching Banks  Pennies

There are many free banks – and yet many Germans continue to pay for account management, transfers and credit cards. In all, some 80 million bank customers could have more than six billion euros in their pockets if they opt for a free account.

Fee usury? It doesn’t have to be! Many online banks (such as DKB, ING, N26, Hypovereinsbank, Meine Bank or Consorsbank) are still completely free.

The consumer portal “Bialo” took a closer look at the costs and calculated in a study specifically for BILD: on average, bank customers pay only 90 euros per month for an online account, with five transfers per month, There is one Girocard and one standard credit. card. More precisely: 87.89 euros. And: Biallo has one on your website Observation All money houses that offer free accounts.

Overdraft and overdraft interest were not recorded, and other charges such as partner cards, cash deposits and withdrawals, booking items and more were not taken into account.

The most expensive way to manage your money: Savings Bank! They charge the highest fees, much higher than Volks- und Riefenbanken (VR-Banken) or national providers.

According to Biallo, bank fees range between 0 and a good 200 euros if the customer withdraws money four times a year even in non-EU countries. Then DKB Bank costs 0 Euros and ING Bank between 12 and 32 Euros (how much depends on the withdrawal fee). The limit is between 40 and 64 euros at Commerzbank, between 52 and 78 euros in Postbank and between 122 and 146 euros at Deutsche Bank.

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Three regional banks are even more expensive: Sparksse Mühlheim (167 to 187 euros), Bahnhaus Hafner (16 to 197 euros) and Volksbank Bad Lier (179 to 199 euros / all amounts rounded, note).

“You should also consider that while most direct banks with their free accounts keep prices stable, the costs for other banks tend to increase from year to year,” the Biallo study says.

Not only this: standing orders, cash deposits and withdrawals, use of self-service machines: today there is almost nothing for which banks and savings banks do not charge. Depending on the provider, this increases the annual prices significantly.

Strange: There is a clear regional disparity in what customers pay for their bank.

On average, you pay the most in the urban states of Hamburg (112 Euro), Bremen (107 Euro) and Schleswig-Holstein (104 Euro). In comparison, prices are about 50 percent cheaper for bank customers (with the same account model and without cash withdrawals) in Brandenburg (74 euros), Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (76 euros) or Saarland (77 euros) – practical. essentially the same service.

20 most expensive banks

Average values ​​are meaningful only to a limited extent. It’s more exciting to take a look at the 20 regional banks and savings banks that charge their customers the most. And these are compared to money houses that charge nothing or almost nothing for the same service.

Bank annual value
Volksbank Bad Liar 178.70 euro
sparksey muelheim 166.80
bank hafner 161.00
sparksey schvelm-sprokhoveli 160.80
Mercury Private Bank 159.40
Volksbank Butzbach 156.00
Hamburg Savings Bank Haspa 155.40
Volksbank Eisenberg 155.00
Bordsholm Savings Bank 154.80
sparksey redwormwald 154.80
VR Bank Main-Kinzig-Buddingen 153.00
Volksbank Easy – Designer Bank 150.80
kreisparkas graphshaft benthim 150.00
Stadsparkse Wunstorf 149.88
District and City Savings Bank in Kaufberen 149.30
Volksbank Dessau-Anhalt 149.00
Sparksey Harburg-Buxtehood 148.80
savings bank season 148.80
Savings Bank Wilhelmshaven 148.80
Raiffeisen Bank Ersingen 148.80
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Top 20 Savings and Credit Unions with the Lowest Fees

Bank annual value
Co-operative Bank Munich €0.00 0.00 euro
PSD Bank Nuremberg 0.00
Sparda Bank Hesse 20.00
volksbank brandoberndorf 20.00
PSD Bank Westphalia-Lippe 24.95
Essen. BIB Bank in the Diocese of 25.00
My Bank (Ryba in Hochtowns) 25.00
VR Bank Niederbayern-Oberpfalz 25.00
VR Bench Bad Salzungen Schmalkalden 25.00
Ostsee Sparksey Rostock 26.00
sparks aachen 26.00
Volksbank Dreich 29.00
psd bank munich 30.00
sparksey karlsruhe 30.00
Volksbank Mittelhausen 32.00
District Savings Bank Reichenau 33.00
Volksbank Brunswick Wolfsburg 33.00
Raiffeisenbank Grading-Thalmesing 33.90
Raiffeisenbank Bechhofen 34.40
Savings and Credit Bank Gemünden 34.90
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