Concern for “Super Dealer” Paco Steinbeck – “He’s Still Too Weak”

Concern for "Super Dealer" Paco Steinbeck - "He's Still Too Weak"

He fills a spot on television as part of “The Super Dealers”. Paco Steinbeck is supposed to be straightforward, he didn’t fall flat on his lips. But everything is different now.

In the latest with his appearance on “Promy Big Brother” last year, Paco Steinbeck has become known to veteran trashy TV viewers. The German-Spaniard stands out on the show with his blunt language and his direct manner. In the end he finished ninth in the show Sat.1. But the 47-year-old is unable to even think about his career at this time.

As “Bild” newspaper reports, Steinbeck twice had heart attacks, had to be revived and was in a coma. Accordingly, he fell within his own four walls on 6th June this year. His girlfriend called an ambulance: heart attack. Paramedics can revive him, said to have put the TV fame into an artificial coma in the hospital.

“Many people were worried”

But not only that: He is said to have suffered another heart attack a few days later and had to be brought back to life – including an artificial coma. Steinbeck is now in stable condition. The report says that he will start rehab soon. Steinbeck’s manager Engin Kommert told the newspaper that the “super retailer” was still suffering from the difficulties of the past few days.

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