Elden Ring in Trial: “Soulsborn” Formula in Perfection

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The Elden Ring is already a contender for Game of the Year 2022. This is a must buy for fans of Dark Souls and Bloodborne, but what about newcomers? “Elden Ring” in trial.

Developer Studio from Software has made a name for itself with “Dark Souls”. The semi-branches “Bloodborne” and “Sekiro” were also huge successes and remain very popular despite – or perhaps because of – the extremely challenging level of difficulty. With the “Elden Ring” comes the latest part of the so called “Soulsborn” games. “Elder Ring” brings together the best of “Bloodborne”, “Sekiro” and “Dark Souls” and perfected formulas from Software in one massive epic. Fans will quickly find their way. However, the Game of the Year contender is not entirely recommended for newcomers.

“Elden Ring” in Tests: complete freedom for players

“The Elden Ring” begins with a brief introduction to the game’s backstory, written by no one else. Game of Thrones creator George RR Martin* is generated. Players take on the role of a “tainted” who aims to: fragments of the shattered elden ring To find and regroup. But after the intro the story almost gets left behind. The detailed dialogue and complex relationships between characters like “Game of Thrones” can’t be expected, despite the involvement of G.R. Martin. The story is gradually built up through short interactions with various characters. Or by description of weapons and special items. This is an important aspect that Dark Souls beginners should be aware of.

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There is no quest log list mission. It’s up to you which characters you want to help and the places you want to explore. Markers are also missing on the map – But this is what drives you to explore all corners of the game world on your own Countless secrets, locations, weapons, spells and opponents to discover. It’s far better than a map full of question marks that just have to be checked in sequence.

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The “Elden Ring” in the test: a lot of famous from “Dark Souls” with useful additions

“Elden Ring”: The game world can also be explored on horseback. © Bandai Namco / From Software

In “Elden Ring”place of grace“kind of like a saving point where players can level up and fill up potions. However, most enemies will revive after resting there.” “Places of Mercy” are thus the equivalent of a bonfire in “Dark Souls” For defeated opponents we get instead of spirits like “Dark Souls” runes, With these we can level up and buy equipment from merchants. If you lose, you lose all the runs and have a chance to get them back – like you know it from other “Soulsborne” games.

So the “Elden Ring” has a lot of famous, but there are also many new things, Unlike Dark Souls games, Elden Ring now allows sneak jumpwhich makes the character more mobile and himself Whole new strategy for battle Result. as far as action is concerned Mount is the most exciting innovation, Not only does this allow the vast game world to be explored more quickly, but it also provides a real advantage in battle for skilled riders.

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Conclusion on “Elden Ring”: Game of the Year, But Not for Everyone

In reviews, “Elden Ring” has already received top ratings and So the Game of the Year 2022 is already theoretically scheduled, It will certainly attract a lot of “Soulsborn” newcomers who may difficulty level overwhelmed by or Extraordinary The narrative will be irritating. Those who didn’t like “Dark Souls” or other From Software titles will probably have their troubles with “Elden Ring” as well. Perhaps the most important tip is this: it’s part of the game of failing over and over again against the same boss – it’s more satisfying when you finally win.

One thing is clear to all “Dark Souls” and “Bloodborne” fans anyway: “Elder Ring” is an absolute buy and should undoubtedly already be counted as Game of the Year. (ök)*tz.de is an offer ippn.media,

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