“Grill Den Hensler”: Why Mirza Bose Is Leaving The Show Entertainment

"Grill Den Hensler": Why Mirza Bose Is Leaving The Show  Entertainment

The season finale sheds tears ,

Why is Mirza Bose leaving “Grill Den Hensler”.

Callie and Rach will be much stronger now.

TV chef Steffen Hensler (49) climbed onto the Lake Stage in Magdeburg on Sunday evening, with minor damage. The marathon sizzling of the final issue of the “Grill den Hensler Summer Special” took its toll. Hensler lamented: “Dad has knees again today. The last four episodes left me stunned.”

Presenter Laura Vontora (33) joined in the lament and groaned: “I even had to switch to sneakers. I still have the last shows in my bones, especially with oli pocher,

Presenter Laura Vontora and professional chef Stefan Hensler weren’t in the best shape

Photo: RTL/Frank W. Hempel

He was not part of the party that evening, but the ex-wife of his favorite enemy Boris Becker (54): Barbara Baker (55) had planned to defeat his teammates, moderator Harry Wijnvoord (73), and Stefan Hensler. Folk music star Stephen Moss (46).

Farewell to Mirza Bose (50)

After Harry Wijnwoord, under the guidance of cooking coach Christian Lohse (55), dared to accept the challenge of “Smoked Matzes Grilled Housewife Style and Green Asparagus”, the jury’s menu evaluation became almost a trivial matter. After being awarded points (25 points for Hensler, 24 points for Visionvoord), Vontora opened: “I have a little lump in my throat at the moment, because, Mirza, you’ll leave us after this season.”

At his farewell event, Mirza Bose receives a standing ovation

At his farewell event, Mirza Bose receives a standing ovation

Photo: RTL/Frank W. Hempel

A concerned murmur went through the audience, which Bose honored with a standing ovation – as did Christian Rach (65) and Rainer Calmund (73) Who used to jump and applaud. He brought tears to Mirza’s eyes: “You always leave with eyes laughing and crying.”

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Still, she couldn’t help but joke: “It was such a pleasure that I participated in the show. This is my 60th show. I ate 80,000 calories. If you add the eggshells So we eat Backstage, that’s 150,000 calories. So: I have to abstain from one thing — and I can’t do it with eggs!”

Soon after, she gave a serious reason for her exit: “It’s time for the little pony to go back to the meadow. It’s about my live show. I had to postpone several tour dates because of the coronavirus. And, The problem is this: I’m already too full, I’ve eaten too much. I have to get back on stage now!”

Meanwhile, Laura Vontora was also in tears: “Thank you so much, Mirza, you are just an asset to this show.” Callie also felt the pain of parting: “You’re my treat and my sweetheart. My real 10 is sitting next to me: Meri Mirza!”

Hensler won the season finale

However, Bose did not want to spare the candidates on the last evening. She took a hard look at Stephen Moss’s “Bad of Moss Cooked Trout, Grilled Celery and Grilled Fennel”: “I was a little tough. In the last show I can do whatever I want. That’s good, a good one again. let go of it.”

Musician Stephen Moss Serves Trout With Fennel

Musician Stephen Moss Serves Trout With Fennel

Photo: RTL/Frank W. Hempel

So Mrs.’s plate wasn’t going very well: “I had a little fun with the blue plate because it looked like the cat was on it too. In that case I would politely hide it under the napkin. It hasn’t happened yet.” was.” Mirza Bose got only six points for Stephen Mrs. Barbara Baker’s dessert, “Grilled Figs in a Vine Leaf with Grilled Goat’s Cheese and Granola”, further delights the juror: “I couldn’t have wished for a good meal.”

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The dessert round went to Barbara Baker with a total of 27 to 24 points. In the end, however, Stefan Hensler was again in the lead: he was able to say goodbye to Riley with a 104 to 101 point victory.

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