Horizon: Guerrilla Games makes new online co-op project official

Horizon: Guerrilla Games makes new online co-op project official

Developer Guerrilla Games has officially confirmed that they are working on an online cooperative project in the Horizon universe.

An online project has been rumored for a long time and now there is an official confirmation.

little side note

On Twitter, the studio is looking for new collaborators for a “separate online project” in the Horizon universe.

There is talk of a “new cast of characters” and a “unique, stylized look”. Players should be able to “explore the majestic wilderness of the horizon together”.

More news about Horizon:

At the same time, fans of solo adventures are assured that the studio will continue to create “epic solo adventures for Aloy.” New people are also being sought for the external team.

Recently there were also rumors about a remaster. horizon zero dawn And about a Horizon MMO for PlayStation 5 that should be made in collaboration with NCsoft.

It will appear again on February 22 mountain horizon call A live-action adaptation is also in the works for the PlayStation VR2 and at Netflix.

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