Kovid-19 Prevention – The Great Council sees no need for action with vitamin D.

Vitamin D should support mild Kovid-19 courses and supply the population with it – a sought after one. Parliament rejected it: scientific data on it is unclear.

Vitamin D is said to strengthen the immune system.


The Berne Government Council is not required to take any measures to ensure that there is an optimal vitamin D supply in the population. With 136 to 10 votes, the Grand Council on Tuesday rejected the demotion related to Samuel Cullman (EDU / Thun).

Kullman stated that a strong immune system is of great importance in the prevention of Kovid-19. Vitamin D in particular may be helpful, which, according to preliminary scientific findings, promotes mild Kovid courses. But even in the canton of Bern, the population is presumably not supplied with vitamin D. The government council should remedy it.

The majority of the council wanted nothing to do with it. Many speakers emphasized that scientific data on vitamin D and Kovid-19 are unsatisfactory and contradictory. The level of vitamin D demanded by the motioneers was so high that it could be hazardous to health.

Health director Pierre Ellen Schneig also turned it down. The Government Council based its concept of health promotion on extensive scientific evidence.

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