The audience is entertained by drummers in “TV Garden”.

The audience is entertained by drummers in "TV Garden".

Instead of hits, this time in “Fernsegarten” was rock. And so Andrea Kivel also congratulated a musician from Mainz Laurchenberg who did not want to show himself to the audience.

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On Sundays, the audience of “Fernsgarten” expected a somewhat unusual motto: “Summer Festival”. Instead of Schlager, the audience got Hard Rock, instead of Die Amigos there was Fire Tail.

rock instead of hit

While Andrea Kievel in a blue dress and hippie glasses was the only one who built some color on Mainz Lerchenberg, the rest was dark and gloomy. Kissin’ Dynamite performed their song “Not the End of the Road”, the band Feuerschwanz sang their hit “Das Elfte Gebot”. However, another group made people laugh online.

Shortly before the end of the latest “Fernsgarten” edition, the Kiwis announced the band Smash Into Peace: “The next guests have won several international awards, their songs were on the Billboard charts in the US. They are really, really up-and-coming stars. It’s a rock scene.”

“The drummer would rather remain anonymous”

The group around singer Chris Adam Heidman Sorby performed the song “Boomerang”. In doing so, Dholak stole the show from the rest of the band members. Because he came completely covered in “TV Garden”, masked to his instrument.

The musician entertained the audience a lot on the net. For example, one asked: “Who is ashamed to come to the Fernsegarten?” Another user said: “The drummer would prefer to remain anonymous. I get it.”

Actually, the drummer with the mask and cape is the star of the band. This is The Apocalypse DJ, who is officially the mastermind of the group. His trademark is the glowing mask with the impromptu ribbon emblem. With his mysterious look, he delivers a smash-into piece that is certain.

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Laminated Loot comes from Sweden and was established in 2008. The major breakthrough came nine years later when The Apocalypse DJ joined the band. Since then, the group has found success not only in Scandinavia.

The broadcaster is yet to announce the motto that viewers can expect next week. Andrea Kiwell also kept a low profile and did not say which artists would be performing next Sunday.

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