The city of Essen now has dirty works of clean art

The city of Essen now has dirty works of clean art

Public works of art in Essen should no longer be littered with dirt and graffiti. The city wants to clean them up and starts with three items.

The city of Essen is producing heavily dirty works of art in the now-cleaned public spaces. Management announced that the work would be done by a professional restoration company.

It begins with the multi-part work of art “A Light Game” (1991) by Anser Nierhof on Salzmarkt in the city centre. It consists of a large square surface set in a steel frame, on top of which is a high pillar, a large sphere and a flat, split disc, also made of steel. The elements are to be freed from dirt and dust, but also partly from graffiti, he says. After cleaning, a special wax is applied to protect it from new dirt and rust.

The city wants to clean the works of art regularly

Muchhtar Al Ghushai, Head of the Department of Cultural Affairs, emphasized the importance of art in public space: “It is an outstanding component of urban culture and urban development. It contributes significantly to the identification and identification with the city of Essen. This is my goal. Hope we come to regular cleaning intervals in future.”

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After the work of art on the Salzmarkt, two other works are also cleaned: the steel sculpture “Untitled Essen” by Serge Spitzer on the Kennedyplatz and the stone sculpture “Rückrim-Quader” by Ulrich Rückrim in the city garden. Depending on the season, the work is likely to take two weeks. The total cost of cleaning is about 20,000 euros.

Cleanliness is part of the city’s revitalization strategy. Among other things, it was decided that green ornaments, large planters, lighting elements and artistic objects would enhance the appearance of the city centre.

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