Eintracht Frankfurt 0:2: Network reactions to the game


Eintracht Frankfurt beat SC Freiburg 2-0. Important three points for the team of Oliver Glasner, who were able to defend themselves against the sports club in a thrilling Bundesliga match.

tore off:
1: 0 Lindstrom 34.
2:0 Kostik 43.

Playing in Freiburg this season is usually not a pleasure for the opposing teams. Eintracht Frankfurt have already proved this season that they can sell well against strong opponents.

In a largely balanced first half, with SGE shifted to possession of the ball, Freiburg launched a counterattack in their own stadium. The home team hit after about 20 minutes, but Kevin Trapp saved the Eagles in quick succession with three fine defenses.

Unity was allowed to cheer. Jesper Lindström hit the ball with little joy after 34 minutes and remained calm in front of Swede Mark Flecken – the first Bundesliga goal for Lindström – 1-0. Minutes later it hit the Freiburg box again: a costic free kick from half-field went longer and longer and finally hit the second post. Difficult for Freiburg keeper Flecken, who had to anticipate for a long time that a Frankfurt player would hit the ball with his head.

With a somewhat lucky lead, SGE started an exciting second half. Freiburg marched on and developed several scoring chances; At the best possible opportunity, Tuta saved Grifo degrees on the line. But SGE also came up with opportunities and defended with great intensity. The connection hit could have turned the game around, but Eintracht defended himself against waves of attack from Freiburg thus hijacking three very important points from Breisgau.

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