The end for sweaty hands: Perforated mouse even cooler with RGB fan

The end for sweaty hands: Perforated mouse even cooler with RGB fan

Gaming hardware is probably one of the best areas for developers to try out unusual concepts. Small company Marsback has a simple idea: Playing games can make your hands sweaty. Solution: A perforated mouse with a fan.

Enhanced Edition Comes After Kickstarter Success

As is often the case when funding unusual ideas, start-up Marsbach financed the first edition of its Fan Mouse through crowdfunding and received the equivalent of approximately 60,000 euros from 757 supporters. You are now on a more stable footing with the new Zephyr Pro and enjoy the same concept in a better way directly through the online shop.
Zephyr Pro: Cooler than its predecessor

The Zephyr Pro should then perform much better, especially in terms of its unique selling point: ventilation. The developers adjust the angle of the fan from 45° to 180°, which should allow significantly better cooling of the palm. In addition, there were two obvious criticisms of the crowd-funded previous version: vibration and volume. Here, the Zephyr Pro should operate a lot more smoothly thanks to the new design – the marsback talks 30 decibels at its peak.

Marsback Zephyr Pro RGBAlso the case…
Marsback Zephyr Pro RGB…keeps airy

The case is then made to be as breathable as possible with a honeycomb structure slightly more persistent than its predecessor. Nice side effect: The mouse is very light at 69 grams. There’s still some tried and tested hardware inside. Pixart 3389 is used as the sensor, which has had a very good reputation since its launch two years ago. The buttons are supported with Omron switches, also tried and tested in this area.

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RGB is a must

And then of course the exceptional lighting should not be missing in a gaming product. Whereas the first Zephyr only happily shone through the entire color spectrum and offered only seven fixed modes, the Pro version now comes with full customization via software, as appropriate to its situation. including shipping cost Marsback Zephyr Pro Just under 68 euros.

Mouse, Fan, Cooling, Gaming Mouse, Zephyr PRO, Marsback
Mouse, Fan, Cooling, Gaming Mouse, Zephyr PRO, Marsback

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