This Diet Promotes Weakness and Depression

This Diet Promotes Weakness and Depression

Avoid Inflammatory Diets

there is a relationship between depression, diet and development of Shortcoming, Eating a diet that promotes inflammation contributes to an increase in symptoms of both depression and weakness. These effects seem to be even more pronounced in people with depression.

In a new study involving experts Harvard Medical School examined the association between a pro-inflammatory diet and the onset of weakness in subjects with and without clinically relevant depressive symptoms.

The results were published in the English language journal “Journal of Gerontology: Medical Science” free.

More than 1,700 participants surveyed

In the study, the data of the so-called framingham offspring study analysed. At the beginning of the study, 1,701 participants Those without debilitating symptoms were asked to provide information about their diet and depressive symptoms.

After that, there was medical monitoring for a period of approx. eleven years Instead. After this period, the vulnerable position was reevaluated, the team explains.

What exactly is weakness?

Debility is especially common in older people. the condition denotes a Functional decline in multiple bodily systemsWhich is about ten to. Is 15 percent Affects older people and is often accompanied by other health problems (such as depression).

weakness from poor nutrition

According to experts, it is believed that Nutrition plays an important role in the development of vulnerabilities, Previous studies have found an association between pro-inflammatory diets including artificial trans fats, refined carbohydrates, and saturated fats and an increased risk of becoming weak.

The new research, however, is one of the first studies to attempt to understand the precise relationship between depression, diet-induced inflammation and weakness, the team reports.

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Depression amplifies the effects of inflammation

Experts find link between an inflammatory diet and increased risk of weakness in participants with depressive symptoms a little more clear was.

Higher inflammation scores in depressive symptoms

Based on these findings, the researchers hypothesized that people with depressive symptoms typically high inflammatory value show. Then, when you eat a diet that promotes inflammation, it accelerates it. development of weaknessThe team guesses.

,This study found that depressive symptoms may increase the development of weakness in response to consumption of a pro-inflammatory diet.‘ explains the study authors Dr. Courtney L. Millaro one in Press release,

Protection against vulnerabilities by flavonoids

,This suggests that consuming a diet high in anti-inflammatory compounds (such as fiber and botanicals called flavonoids) may help prevent vulnerabilities from developing.‘ says the doctor.

According to the expert, study data indicates that middle-aged adults who have a pro-inflammatory diet consume, rather Simultaneous depressive symptoms and weakness develop.

Mediterranean diet protects against vulnerabilities

In the last two research papers, Dr. However, Miller had already received A. found eating Mediterranean diet Development can prevent vulnerabilities,

Furthermore, the team reports that a study published in May in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that a pro-inflammatory diet risk of developing increased weakness,

Important fruits and vegetables for people with depression

For people with depression, it may be even more important to know about them. consumption of fruits and vegetables to increase, then Dr. Miller, Experts attribute this to the fact that fruits and vegetables are plentiful. Fiber, Flavonoids and Other Antioxidants Huh. (as)

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Author and source information

This text matches the medical specialist literature, medical guidelines and specifications of current studies and has been checked by medical professionals.


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