“The Masked Singer” 2021: Rote Chile “Tageschau” spokesperson Jens Riva turns out

"The Masked Singer" 2021: Rote Chile "Tageschau" spokesperson Jens Riva turns out
  • ProSieben began the fifth season of “The Masked Singer” on Saturday evening.
  • Once again it was a matter of judging the stars and stars hiding behind the extremely elaborate costumes based on their voice and performance.
  • The leading jury thought of some of the animals behind Caroline Kebeckus, Helen Fischer or Johannes Ording.
  • In the end, “Tageschau” spokesman Jens Riva walked out of the musically totally untalented chili.

A review

From Robert Penzo

The fifth season of the hypertrophic but hugely popular show ‘The Masked Singer’ has begun.

The makers already put some screws on the format. For the first time no candidate will be seen live on TV. The eleventh participant behind Tiger Mask only appears online and out of competition. In addition, two out of ten regular masks remained secret until the show began on Saturday evening.

Saturday Evening Thing: ProSieben Apparently felt sorry for those who had to get out of bed early during the week and take back the Tuesday slot. This is also a small innovation.

ProSieben: only seven people know

The jury consists of presenter Ruth Moschner, Rimon singer Rie Garvey and Spanish-German pop bard lvaro Soler. The colorful masquerade was once again commented on and given some gibs by moderation cyborg Mathias Opdenhovel.

Briefly about the rules: In the first edition of the fifth season, ten masks have to compete against each other in two groups of five. Two groups of losers should be at the end of a public vote against the abolition. One thing was clear: a mask has to fall off at the end of every show.

During the broadcast, ProSieben revealed via Twitter how many people on the station know which celebrities are in costumes. Only seven people are said to be hiding in this. “Everyone else has to run into the puzzle. Twitter man, director. All ignorant,” read there.

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some kind of song from the trash can

Finally, Mullally Muller opened the series of demonstrations. together with teddy, axolotl, pug and Chilly Singing trash can refuse the first of two groups of five. “It’s getting hot in here” can be heard from him, while three garbage collectors dance around him to give the whole thing a bit of momentum.

You can find out more about “The Masked Singer” here

You laughed way more, because after all, the gaggle of garbage can sing something for a maximum of five seconds. But then the gray bin opens and a blue-green fantasy creature peeks out of it. Even on the internet, no one knew which song the audience would hear.

In any case, Moschner can imagine Nina Hagen in the garbage can, while Soler can imagine “tote hose” Campino. The name Johannes Ording is also around.

Multiple poor vocal performances: “Extremely Courageous”

After that there are some really bad performances. Axolotl (“Oops! … I did it again”) as well as Pepper (“Feel the Heat of the Night”) and Teddy (“Lovefool”) use their voices to take out all the nails and screws. We do. wall.

“Too much courage,” says proud After a performance of chili for the evening euphemism. It was probably the scariest singing performance ever in history.”masked singerSoler’s comment on Pepper – “You have such a great sense of humour” – can also be confidently translated as “Boh aye, that was probably bad.”

Only Pug, who tries to deceive the audience by deliberately sloppy vocals in the first verse of Toni Braxton’s “Unbreak My Heart,” is vocally convincing. “Definitely a professional singer,” said soler.

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Garvey, who, like Soler, thinks singer Vanessa Mae is behind the dog, sees it this way. moschner However, the singer thinks about Beatrice Egli. Despite all their “courage”, Teddy and Chili have to tremble at the next show.

Does Phoenix sit in a wheelchair?

At the start of the second round of five, in which the phoenix, heroine, skunk and hammerhead shark also compete, another secret mask is revealed: the caterpillar. She performed in front of an audience in roller skates to an impeccable chorus of the evergreen “Proud Mary” by Creedence Clearwater Revival. All three members of the jury speculate that it may have been a professional singer. Name Helen Fisher and once again caroline kebacus fallen.

Then it’s the turn of the phoenix, whose mask is already considered one of the most elaborate in the history of the format. “Most poignant outfit ever. I’m really shivering,” explains exalted world record holder Moschner. Phoenix performance? Weak. Garvey thinks so too, who is making fun of Phoenix over him. As the jury is speculating whether Phoenix can sit in a wheelchair, Moschner comes to the mind of Samuel Koch. The solar room names Michael “Bully” Herbig.

“Smelly, that was great!”

Then hammerhead shark with diving goggles, snorkel and bottle of oxygen delivers a nasty “sledgehammer” from Peter Gabriel, while he happily wags his tail fin. Ruth Moschner also begins to feel pain.

“I know you very well. I know your voice up and down and not your name,” she says of the hammerhead shark. Garvey thinks of Austrian actor Hans Siegel “Bergdoctor”. Badass (“I Like Chopin”) also effectively demonstrates on Saturday Evening that he can’t sing. Moschner could not hear the madness. “Smelly, that was great,” she says.

heroine is dependent on nirvana

The heroine then performs Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” to Best, but only presses the tube with the chorus after taking a breath. At the end of a long night with sometimes eerie vocal performances, another sentence of quality rests on the listener.

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“Sung Well”, the jury’s verdict, was noted by Jeanine Michelson, Anna Loos and Janet Biederman under the heroine’s heavy coat, who would also go on to the next round. Because it’s the hammerhead shark and skunk that has to tremble with Chili and Teddy—swimmers in the first group of five—to stay on show.

chili is exposed

Ultimately, it is Mirch who has to leave the show and raise her face. But who was behind the mask that gave the audience such a terrifying rendition of “Feel the Heat of the Night”? George González, Michael Mittermeier, Horst Lichter, Mirko Notschev – the advice team did not agree on who wore the red pepper dress.

The latter is surprised when suddenly the head of the spokesman for “Tageschau” Jens Riva From which the chili came out. ARD anchorman can’t stop smiling even after being masked. “I had the time of my life,” said Riva, for whom participating in “The Masked Singer” was “a real honour.” The speaker thanked him – with another performance which, given his singing talent, would not have really been necessary.

Masked Singer, TMS, Masken, Costum, Ree Garvey, Ruth Moschner, Phoenix, Stinktear, Teddy, Mops

The first mask has fallen: no one except the juror Ree Garvey expected a spokesman for “Tageschau”. Just like the unexpected: Technical obstacles tarnished the company’s success. Fans of the “Masked Singer” went crazy.

TeaserBuild: © ProSieben / Willie Weber

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