Ubisoft displays the gameplay and names the release date

Ubisoft displays the gameplay and names the release date

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Ubisoft has shown the first gameplay for Far Cry 6 and announced the game’s release date – on October 7 it goes to Yara.

Far Cry 6 is coming later, but it’s coming this year: Ubisoft has also announced a release date as part of the gameplay reveal. On 6 October we visit Yara, an island in the Caribbean that has remained largely stable since a revolution in time. The similarities with Cuba are probably purely coincidental. First and foremost: Yes, there are also specific Ubisoft gameplay elements such as Outpost. But you can choose the gender of your main character named Dani and adjust it.

Apart from these visible RPG elements, which also affect the equipment (perks for each tool), Far Cry 6 appears Taking itself less seriously than other parts of the series. The latest, code-named “Macarena” with a 5-CD Changer shooting device, one of the 49 customizable weapons in the game, should make it clear that things are going a bit in the direction of Just Cause and Saints Row. The CDs vary and provide background music for the card, which is finalized with ray tracing. There are vehicles you can tune yourself, and even horses as well as one – free! – Pet, Chorizo ​​the Dog and Guapo the Crocodile.

Far Cry 6: All information about the release and story of the tropical shooter with Giancarlo Esposito

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Far Cry 6 can be mastered singly or cooperatively – ultimately the goal is to get Anton’s army and himself to the devil. Far Cry 6 for Playstation 4/5 and Stadia and Luna is coming to PC, Xbox and Series X / S. Pre-orders are now open. All published videos, 3 in number, can be found after the announcement. They also show that Far Cry 6 comes back in high quality. Giancarlo Esposito heads this part, but well-known names such as Nisa Gunduz and Sean Ray can also be found as the protagonists’ voices. Clara Garcia, Jess Salguiro and Alex Fernandez complete the range of speakers.

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